My Community Voice

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Who We Are

My Community Voice, established in 2021 as a new not-for-profit entity based in New South Wales, is an all-access online community media channel and digital broadcasting service exisiting for the benefit of the community and with outreach throughout Australia.

We exist to connect people and communities, share our lives, and meet the varied social and commercial needs of multicultural Australia by broadcasting programming both of general interest to the broader community and of niche interest to specific communities.

With a range of programs that reflect the diversity of our communities and pursue principles of democracy and advocacy to highlight voices that are often underrepresented in the media, we aim to connect our communities and provide a voice to all to exchange views and news, creating a better Australia.In particular, we wish to portray the multilingual and multicultural diversity of Australian society on all accessible forms of media – with our programs catered to be inclusive of different demographics such as English as Second Language (ESL) users(through closed captions with digital TV), Australian Sign Language (ASL) and simplified language provisions.

By providing access to channel broadcasting services as well as appropriate training in television production to individuals and groups (especially those who may otherwise be denied such access)

we aim to enable and encourage the community to participate in the operations of the channel and the selection and provision of programs that suit all of your needs.We are keen to cooperate with other relevant groups in pursuit of these aims and objectives and welcome your contribution, support and feedback.

Our Vision

The voices of Australia - sharing views that shape our future

Our Mission

To connect our diverse communities, and exchange views and news via our Australian digital media channel

Our Motto

Many voices, one Australia