My Community Voice

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What We Do

The My Community Voice channel is designed as a hub of community life, a cultural connector that links the wider Australian community through sharing of news, opportunities and social interaction, bringing those who access our channel together to exchange or simply view discussions that reflect our rich blend of cultures, talent, and the ideas that shape the way we live and ‘do life together’ here in Australia and beyond.

The internet has delivered real opportunity for on-line community connection on a massive scale. Australians watch and respond more to video than all other media so when it comes to engaging audiences on digital platforms, video is well recognised as the most effective way. Our new internet-based channel is available for everyone to access on all devices, including phones.
Technology is no longer a barrier and our programs are available for all age groups to connect, watch and interact on demand.

We recognise the value to all Australians in being able to both have a voice and to listen to others who’s voices are usually heard and so My Community Voice delivers a wide range of benefits to different users.

For individuals…

One can access a wide range of interesting content in 26 languages that is unique and meaningful, and through the channel connect to the communities of one’s choice (even if normally isolated due to remote or distant living conditions). Current topics, discussion including community leaders, information about a whole range of important, interesting and fun topics are all available, whenever a person is ready to connect, making My Community Voice the channel for everyone.

For businesses…

They can make use of My Community Voice’s community-building capabilities and online reach to offer opportunities for sharing their products and services. This provides consumer convenience and ways to reach out to and engage hard-to-reach multicultural community members in their own languages, and in challenging locations and times such as we have all faced during COVID.